005 || Voice

[Sonmi's voice sounds echoey and distant, and sometimes a hiss of static overcomes what she's saying completely. She beat the hell out of her communicator with a hardback book so as to avoid having to write a Santa letter. :c ]

Pref[--- -- -]t is nec[---]ary for me to ow[- --- --] these de[--]ces, you shall ha[-- -- --]tition the Admi[--- ---] a replacement. This one is da[--]ged.

004 || Written

My sisters, too, were offered a second chance. For their disobedience to the Six Catechisms, for failing to perform the functions for which they were genomed, they faced what you call 'rehabilitation'.

We were not given to question the notion of Reorientation. Our sisters left broken, having brought shame on the name of our Seer and Logoman; they returned, invigorated by their rediscovered passion for their daily tasks. We did not know how this had been accomplished; we considered a return to the fold inevitable. Who could ever have resisted the infinite love and wisdom of Papa Song? He was a god, a father, a provider: reorientation seemed to us only an acknowledgment of what should have been clear all along. I celebrated with my sisters when the servers would return to us, their curiosities crushed, their nascent personalities destroyed.

I see now that the 'Barge' was a cog in this process that I had been blinded to before now. A ship was used to slaughter fabricants worn to the bone by their duties - why not another to reshape their wandering minds? Already I have seen people regress to their younger, more malleable selves. I myself have been beset by urges which are not guided by my own thoughts, over something as petty (but, I must note, as vital to the Consumer Zones' operation) as the approaching Xmas. And nobody cares.

I have not failed to notice that Prefect has been assigned to my case. I wonder, brother, if you have been chosen now to collude in the purpose of this ship, or if the role of Warden simply functions to Reorient those too stubborn to accept that they might be in some way dysfunctional in the eyes of the Juche and those like them.

003 || Voice

[Present-dated - she was revived on Friday but just rolled over and went to sleep until early on Saturday.]

So there really is such a thing as the Death Toll.

[Her voice is weak and her tone is kind of odd. She sounds like she's somewhere between surprise and disappointment.]

I cannot tell how much time I've lost. What day is it?

[OOC: Open to Infirmary spam if you happen to be in the area. ♥]

002 || Written

I wish to speak with a Medic as soon as possible.

[Filtered away from Arthas]

I have been informed that it is possible to die and to be revived on this vessel. The resulting sickness is called the 'Death Toll'. Is this true? I do not know the trustworthiness of my source.


[The video function switches on to show Sonmi sitting cross-legged on the floor in a white prison jumpsuit; the room seen behind her is a grey concrete box with a long bench set into one corner, a washbasin in another,  and no windows.]

I trust that you xpected this, Archivist.

I wonder, now, if Unanimity truly found the idea of my testament so objectionable. Perhaps you were told that I would respond more candidly if I were speaking against their wishes; I did not. I offered the truth, completely and unreservedly, because I thought it was all I had left to offer.

But of course Unanimity would not have allowed my orison to sink unheard into the databanks of your 'uninfluential ministry'. I find it curious, though, that they would have so little faith in the final act of a theatre that they had themselves produced. Even I will admit that my trial was xpertly staged, the backlash no less powerful than they had calculated. And yet they cannot permit my xecution. Is it such a fritening thing, for the Abolitionists to be granted their martyr?

[There's a pause. She looks almost annoyed about not being dead.]

I do not doubt that I am being monitored. So I ask this of the Seer: where am I, if not the Lighthouse? How long will I be here before the Juche takes command over my fate?

[OOC: She hasn't tried the door yet. It hasn't occurred to her that it wouldn't be locked. Also, the funky spelling....obviously does not come across in video posts, but I like consistency. :c]